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Archives of What's New

Okay, it's not new anymore, but it gives a history of this site.

  • As of October 26, everything on the site is new. As I update the site, I'll keep you posted.
  • November 28 -- I added the Picture of the Day on the home page. It needs a little fine tuning. Unless I fix it, there won't be any picture of the day after 24 days. But I'm working on it when I have time.
New Site!
Take a look at the site I set up for Kevin Beavers. Kevin is Lisa's cousin and he happens to be a very successful composer of contemporary classical music.
What's New!
12/12/00 -- I fixed the problem with the picture of the day. When I ran out of pictures at the end of the database it was going to just stop working. Now, it should recycle back to the first picture. If you don't see a picture of the day, click here
Archives of What's New
My Writing on the Web
I was recently published on the How Stuff Works website. See my article on how a digital camera works
About This Site
This site is partly about sharing photos and writing with my friends and family. But it is also a sample of web design elements that I like.
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Coming Sooner ... or Later.