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Photo Essays

In this first of several photo essays featuring Jules and Tucker, we visit the Haw River in North Carolina

We went to the the Celebrity Dairy in Siler City. They make our favorite goat cheese. In these photos, you can get up close and personal with the goats.

We love to eat. We love to cook. We absolutely adore cooking food that we've grown ourselves. In these photos, enjoy the bounty of our garden

Part of the fun of living in the woods is discovering both ordinary and unusual critters in our yard

Last April, Lisa and I took a trip to Europe. Most of these pictures are from Italy, although some of them are from Austria.


Chili Scramble is a short story that was originally published in The MacGuffin. All the action takes place in a diner on the morning after Alex and Fran's first... well, you can read the details.

This is the first of my beer stories. It's all about Bamberg Germany's unusual and distinctive smoked beer.

I wrote several articles for The Chapel Hill News. This article on the Mason Farm Celebration at the UNC arboretum was originally published in April 1996. I also wrote a profile of a local high tech firm, ReadyCom.

New Site!
Take a look at the site I set up for Kevin Beavers. Kevin is Lisa's cousin and he happens to be a very successful composer of contemporary classical music.
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12/12/00 -- I fixed the problem with the picture of the day. When I ran out of pictures at the end of the database it was going to just stop working. Now, it should recycle back to the first picture. If you don't see a picture of the day, click here
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